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It does not practice any particular style of Karate. The Club heavily influences Shotokan Karate, judo and other Martial Arts. Jujitsu and foot-and-fist boxing are all important aspects of the Club’s Martial Arts. We are proud to offer Karate Melbourne to all ages. The key trainers are internationally acclaimed instructor Con Melbourne martial arts clubs and former Australian and International champion Rosanna Melbourne martial arts clubs. All of them are highly accomplished in Karate. Students are provided with all sparring equipment, such as punching targets or kicking bags during class. Air conditioning is available in the studio for student comfort. Karate is a functional, progressive form of movement and training that can help you reach your highest fitness level at any age. Karate is a long-lasting endeavour that allows to development of coordination between the mind and the body. We love helping our community build life skills through karate lessons.

We don’t care about winning tournaments or winning trophies. We want to teach Karate to the highest level possible. Melbournemartialartsclubs has the option for families to train together and share in their martial arts experience. Mothers, fathers and daughters may all teach in the same class. Parents can teach their children Karate in Melbourne. Karate is becoming more popular in Melbourne for children. Karate is a popular sport for children and adults. Karate can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of motivation. Their combined knowledge and experience make them a formidable team. You can start slowly and safely with the introductory program. You will learn at your own pace to reach your maximum potential in Seido Karate. The class can help your child deal with bullies and other problems.

We aim to offer the best karate tuition in Melbourne through our karate classes. Our instructors are accomplished, and we want to help others achieve their highest goals. Highly qualified instructors teach Self-defence classes. This creates a friendly environment that fosters character development. Our Melbourne karate school is dedicated to adding value to people’s lives by bringing joy to their families, work, and those around them. Our goal is to promote health, discipline, tolerance, and a lot of pleasure. The Samurai course teaches Karate’s basic techniques. The warrior class teaches students more advanced karate techniques. We also improve students ‘ fitness levels through fun exercises like strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Children learn how to be responsible, disciplined, and make smart decisions. They teach and train karate classes throughout Melbourne with their experienced instructors and assistants.

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