Anchorvale Lane EC-the Developer

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Are you looking for your dream house but are too confused about the authenticity and work of the developer? I can help you with that! If you are living in Singapore, the Anchorvale Lane EC project is the most sought after project today, both for its highly esteemed developer, the HUP Realty and also the extreme amenities that are made available in the project.

Anchorvale Lane EC-the Developer

One of the main developers involved in the project is the HUP Realty and we know instantly that the project is one of the most reliable ones. Sunway Property is the other major developer that is involved in Anchorvale Lane EC. Regarded as one of the major players in the real estate of Singapore, Sunway Property forms a major player in most the real estate markets of several other Asian countries such as India, China, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Sunway Property has not only managed to reach several countries but has also managed projects that are residential as well non-residential. The developer has popular projects in almost all the segments such as:

  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Leisure
  • Retail

Apart from these, there are several other segments where the developer has already created a niche for itself. It also has the safe backing of its parent company, the Sunway Group which makes it one of the safest bets in the real estate industry. When Sunway Group is involved in a project, one can trust them absolutely blind-folded, both for their work and name.

If you are interested in getting the details of Anchorvale EC, like its latest update, floor plans and brochure, it is the right time to register now for the early bird preview. The applicants who register successfully will be notified about all the latest updates.


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