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You may also need to be deprogrammed. You will have to unlearn your cultural and social eating habits at least. I got to the point where I wanted to reclaim peak personal trainer Wimbledon. Still, I was only giving an average effort and becoming more and more trapped in the one-dimensional world of weight machines and treadmills that didn’t satisfy my need for balance, flexibility and full-body exercises. I found a nearby Wimbledon gym to get me moving. is a strength and conditioning program that relies on intense workouts comprised of all-body exercises, many of them explosive. You will find many classes that include pull-ups and pushups, kettlebell swings, pull-ups, pushups, deadweight lifts (plyo-jumps), jump roping, and weight lifting and more.

According to, military special operations units use the program to champion martial artists and elite and professional athletes worldwide. I’m not part of a military special operation unit. I’m not a champion martial artist. And, sadly, my high school varsity womens tennis did not propel me to the top of personal trainer Wimbledon. When I went to my first class, it was clear that this gym was designed for me. My class was made up of more women than men. Every exercise could be modified to suit each person’s needs. The workout wasn’t difficult, however. The class’s purpose was to shock the body with simple exercises that challenged form, flexibility, and balance.

This type of exercise may not be for everyone. These workouts are designed to be punishing. You won’t feel any nausea at the end of the movement. The program emphasizes the fact that the activities can be scaled. However, exercisers must have a strong body that can withstand heavy loads on their backs, ankles, knees, and backs. They should also have a foundation of fitness. There are some drawbacks to the program. The equipment in most gyms are minimal, and classes are the main format. This is not the place for a quick spin on an elliptical. Wimbledon is a commitment to go all-out. Weekend warriors need not apply. A class-based workout means that a Wimbledon trainer will supervise you. This can help with motivation and form. This also means that gym fees are often significantly higher than those at big box gyms such as LA Fitness, Gold’s, 24 Hour Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness.

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