Customer Review of Toyota Sienna & Honda Odyssey

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Vs. 280) and also one lbs.-ft.

Brakes and Preventing

For higher stopping power than the Sienna’s leading brake rotors

The Sienna stops briefer compared to the Odyssey:

Tires and Wheels

Even the Sienna vs. Odyssey comparison Search-engines tires offer better managing because they have A diminished 50 string profile (height to diameter ratio) which provides a stiffer sidewall than the Odyssey elite’s 55 snow tires.

Changing a flat tire close traffic could be harmful and inconvenient. Even the run-flat tires to be found on the Sienna may be driven as much as 50 kilometers with no air pressure, so letting you drive into a service station to get a repair. The Odyssey does not offer you run-flat tires.

Suspension and Handling

To get a smoother ride and much more stable handling, the Sienna’s that the wheelbase will be 1.2 inches more compared to Odyssey (119.3 inches ) 118.1 Inches ).

Is 2.2 feet taller compared to the Odyssey’s (37.4 ft averaging 39.6 feet)? The Sienna’s spinning ring is 2.1 feet taller compared to the Odyssey’s (37.5 ft averaging 39.6 feet).

Passenger Space

The Sienna includes.3 inches front headroom, 1.9 inches Front shoulder space,.2 inches more rear headroom, 1.3 inches greater rear cool place, 3 inches back shoulder space, 1.9 inches greater third-row hip room and 1.1 inches greater third-row shoulder room compared to the Odyssey.

Cargo Capacity

Even the Sienna’s freight area provides more quantity compared to the Odyssey.

The Sienna’s accessible back seats fold to adopt extended And bulky freight. The Odyssey does not offer you cushioned back chairs.


Even the Sienna’s regular towing capability Is a Lot higher compared to


The electricity windows regular on both Sienna and also the Odyssey has guards to prevent modest children from working. After the lock onto the Sienna is participated that the motorist can still operate most the windows, for example, to close opened with a kid. The Odyssey prevents the driver from running the back windows as it will one passenger.

The Sienna’s rear and front power windows open or shut Fully with just one among those buttons, rendering it convenient in drive-up windows and price booths, or if talking with someone away from the vehicle. Even the Odyssey’s standard back power window buttons need to be kept the whole time to close or open them fully.

The Sienna has an ordinary automatic Head Light on/off feature. The Odyssey comes with an automatic headlight on/off feature standard just on the EX/EX-L/Touring/ / elite.

The Odyssey does not offer you extendable visors.

The Sienna Limited includes regular automatic dimming back and Sideview mirrors that darken quickly when headlights shine to them keeping after vehicles out of blinding or deflecting the driver. The Odyssey delivers an automatic rearview mirror, but its unwanted side mirrors do not dim.

The Sienna includes a Conventional Dual-zone air-conditioning lets The driver and front passenger to choose two different temperatures. Therefore, people who have different temperature preferences won’t need to undermine. Dual zone air conditioning is currently only on the Odyssey EX/EX-L/Touring/ / elite.

Fiscal Benefits

Insurance will probably cost less for your own Sienna owner. The Auto Book By Jack Gillis speeds that the Sienna having a few”5″ insurance speed as the Odyssey is ranked higher at some”10″ rate.

Expensive to run compared to Odyssey because ordinary repairs cost less the Sienna compared to Odyssey, for example, $ 9-7 less to get a muffler, $14 less for entrance

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