How can I find the ideal IVA companion for me?

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The Insolvency Act claims that iva pros and cons could directly be proposed and administered through the help of a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, otherwise called an IP address.

8 Top tips

Listed below are eight great tips That Will Help You find the Ideal IVA business for you:

Use a complimentary service.

Ensure that you opt for a free service provider like

Spend some time together with your adviser.

The relationship you build with your advisors is essential. They need to comprehend your situation as thoroughly as possible if they are in a position to assist you, so you’re going to need to open them up, so being prepared to talk about details of one’s circumstances to be able to find the best information tailored to match you personally.

Knowledge is power.

Your advisor ought to be knowledgeable and empathic. They need to be able to spell out all parts of the IVA treatment for you in plain and clear English, together with relevance to personal circumstances and in particular the equity clause when it’s relevant. They need to have the ability to impart their knowledge to one to assist you in making an educated decision. So don’t allow your consultation to be some form of training call because it’s overly significant.

Start looking for balanced information.

The objective of any appointment must be to provide you with the balanced advice that you need to make sure you could make an educated decision on your terms. This includes a comprehensive explanation of the different solutions you’ve got, for example, Bankruptcy, Debt direction, and Debt Relief Orders. If you’re being steered towards one answer, then be aware.

Beware of unrealistic contributions.

There are a lot of companies which employ sales agents rather than debt advisors, plus so they could be experts at selling a fantasy. But unfortunately, the promise of unrealistically low IVA obligations can be quite a sales tactic. All IVAs must have donations based on worth, and that’s why your creditors will probably soon be assessing your offer. If they genuinely are unconvinced at the creditors’ meeting that your proposal is genuine, they can insist on an increase before approving your IVA.

Entering an IVA is a severe course of action for anyone to undertake. That’s why it’s so important thing to have confidence in the advice you receive and be comfortable with the people charged with helping you. If you have the slightest doubt about either, you should consider seeking a second opinion before you commit. Remember, so long as you haven’t entered the IVA, it is never too late to walk away.

Refundable IP Fees.

If your chosen Insolvency Practitioner insists on taking payments from you before the Creditors’ Meeting make sure you’ve got a money-back guarantee just in case your IVA gets refused. If they won’t, give you a guarantee, telephone 0800 088 7502, and we’ll help you find another IP address that will continue to work without any money up front.


By choosing, you take the risk out from the IVA process.

The team supporting have been helping people enter IVAs for over a decade, and we have the expertise to help you.

You want to know before starting that your IVA has the very best possibility of success, otherwise, how can you be sure you’re IVAs going to produce the journey to a successful decision.

A dedicated panel of IPs

We’ve developes an excellent working relationship with a set of external Insolvency Practitioners, allowing us to instantly identify which IP is suitable to the various circumstances of any specific case.

It isn’t just about delivering a quick and friendly company. Your IP address is going to probably be sympathetic to some circumstances too, ensuring that your case is not just a numbered document onto a shelf.

Moreover, as a result of our close working relationships, our preferred IPs guarantee to re-evaluate each circumstance, while devoting their professional evaluation of every IVA application before an approach to creditors is created.

This method helps to ensure that we have among the quickest IVA application processes in the nation, along with the highest attainable pass-rate for the IVA software, now sitting in 98%.

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